30 December, 2009

Why I think PayDotCom is the Best Affiliate Marketplace on the Net!


mansor othman here...

If you are familiar with Clickbank.com (R), or even if you are not but you want to make profits online, then you will want to check this out ASAP ...

While I like Clickbank, and they are a great marketplace... they are limited to many restrictions to sell products or earn affiliate commissions...

Well, there is a GREAT NEW SERVICE now...

It is a new FREE marketplace where you can sell any product you want.

Yours OWN product...

- OR - (the best part)
You can become an INSTANT Affiliate for ANY item in their HUGE marketplace.

It is called PayDotCom.com!

Did I mention it is 100% FREE to Join!

This site is going to KILL all other marketplaces and I by now, almost EVERY SINGLE SERIOUS online marketer has an account with PayDotCom.com

So get yours now and see how much they offer...

OH! - Also, they have their won affiliate program now that pays you COLD HARD cash just for sharing the site with people like I am doing with you...

They give you cool tools like BLOG WIDGETS, and they even have an advertising program to help you get traffic to your site.

If you want an ARMY of affiliates to sell your products for you, they also allow you to have Free placement in their marketplace!

Even better... If your product becomes one of the Top 25 products in its category in the marketplace (not that hard to do)...

...then you will get Free advertising on the Blog Widget which is syndicated on THOUSANDS of sites World Wide and get Millions of impressions per month.

So, what are you waiting for...

PayDotCom.com ROCKS!

Get your FREE account now...



mansor othman

P.S. - Make sure to get your Account NOW while it is Free to join.

Point to Ponder


S IS FOR SPECIFIC : For example, instead of setting a goal of " i want to lose weight", set yourself a specific goal like ' i want to lose five kilograms", if you want to climb Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia, start your research, set a date and train for peak climbing fitness.

M IS FOR MEASURABLE : Dont aim to " become healthy" or "less stressed"; instead, define a goal that can be measured while contributing to an improved eating, exercise or lifestyle plan. For exwmple, aim to go to the gym for an hour three times a week, to visit your grandma once a week for an evening meal, or to nibble on no more than 200grams of chocolate a week.

A IS FOR ACHIEVABLE : If you've never excercised in your life, dont aim to compete in the 2012 Olympics. Rather, buy yourself a pedometer and get walking with specific goal of so many steps a day. No need to aim for the stars - baby steps are good too!

R IS FOR RELEVANT : Many of us choose goals that seem right, but are in fact wrong. A few weeks down the track, the goals fail to inspire. Try to avoid making the same mistake - rather, choose goals that really " speak" to you.

T IS FOR TIME-CONSCIOUS : Finally, be very clear in your mind about how much time you are giving yourself to achieve the goal. That way, you know when you've succeeded, failed or whether you need to work harder to make the deadline.

29 December, 2009

Does Mindset Really Matter?

A home-based enterprise requires extra motivation,
commitment, and time from us. In most cases the person
running the business is doing so alone or with very limited
help. It is because of this that it is imperative for us to
have the desire to succeed.


In order for a business to prosper, one must prosper both
physically and mentally. We are not able to run our
business if we are physically sick and can't give the
business all that it needs if we are mentally negative.

Physical fitness begets mental toughness. Similarly, we can
reinforce a "nothing will stop me" mindset by challenging
ourself in our athletic pursuits or physical fitness


A positive mindset is essential to the success of our home-
based business.

A positive mindset is so crucial because of the Law of
Attraction. In simple terms, we tend to get what we expect
to get.

Before we can create a successful business, we
have to form a clear vision of what we want our business
to become. If we constantly think and hope for a mediocre
business then you are likely to get that or less.


Aim as high as possibly can so that even if we fall
short of our vision, our chances of success are still
good. Thinking positively excites our emotions and this
helps to stimulate our creative spirit.

Our brain responds to stimuli. Expose ourself to positive
stimuli and avoid the negative, eventually begin to
see more things as possible. Read the success stories of
others who came before us. The more we absorb the positive
mindset of successful men and women, the more we see
ourself on the same path of success.

Those who expect negative things to happen, often experience
negative things and fail as a result. A home-based
entrepreneur who has a negative mindset is likely to give up
on their business the moment that an obstacle presents itself
because it will be seen as impossible to surpass.

A home-based entrepreneur who has a positive mindset is
likely to encounter success. Having a positive mindset does
not mean that our path will be free of obstacles, but
someone with a positive mindset will find a way to get
around them.

While it is not possible to completely expel all negative
thoughts and influences from our life, it is possible to
limit them.


How does a home-based entrepreneur stay positive; especially
when we don't have a strong support system?

Begin by steering clear of people who don't support our
business and attempt to demean us by making negative
comments. We must also remain positive so that when we are
met with opposition we are able to dismiss it.

If we begin second guessing our abilities as a business
owner because we let what others say affect us, then we
are not likely to succeed. Remember that the prosperity of
our home-based enterprise is dependent on us. This is why
it is essential for us to stay positive in all situations.

There are bumps and setbacks in everyone's career. It is not
so much the number of obstacles that we encounter that will
determine the success of our business; it is our ability
to get past these unfortunate events that determines how
lucrative our business will become.


In order to succeed, we have to believe that nothing can
stop us from obtaining our goals.

We don't always get what we want, but we often get what
we expect.

As a home-based entrepreneur we should constantly expect
wealth, prosperity, and overall success.

Even if success doesn't come to us in the manner in which
we expect, our positive attitude can help us to put more
faith in our business and new opportunities will present

A positive mindset does not guarantee success by itself, but
it will help us a great deal. Plan carefully, be patient,
and remain positive through everything; and we will become
a success.


Dedicated to our Success

Until then...

28 December, 2009

Common Reasons Why Many Quit Marketing on the Internet

Marketing on the internet offers the potential for many to become 'independent' from the bonds of a job however it is not for everybody.

Here are the most common reasons many people 'choose' to quit prematurely in their pursuit for online success in business.

No Business Plan Strategy

Pursuing any type of business venture requires a map or strategy as to how you are going to achieve what it is you are trying to accomplish. A business plan strategy needs to be put together to help you pull together your own efforts in a coordinated fashion and without one you are literally chasing your tail. Without a strategy this leads to frustration quickly which then leads to giving up.

Lack of Work Motivation

As enthused as many may be about 'forging' their own futures on the internet they quickly find out that it will require an investment of at least effort on their part.

Being your own boss comes with its own pitfalls and in this case it is there will be no one telling you what to do. Hey, that is good isn't it? Not necessarily since far too many are in need being given directions and lack the necessary work motivation to get the job done.

Being able to motivate yourself to do something (work) that is not too appealing to begin with and all without seeing 'instant' results requires a strong inner drive and focus. Sadly many lack these characteristics which will be needed to accomplish the success they are looking for online.

No Set Goals

Goal planning is also a key component for any successful business. How are you going to succeed when you do not know what it is you are striving for? Goal planning involves setting realistic and achievable objectives that are essentially stepping stones that will move you closer to the desired results you seek.

If you do not take the time to do this you will be without direction and once again get frustrated and quit.

Lack of Confidence

We all gain more confidence as our experience in a particular field grows. Starting out online however it is safe to assume that most everybody lacks the experience since the internet is a relatively new frontier. Our confidence level as a result is non-existent and for many this is more discomfort then they can handle.

Working online you must have the ability to accept that you will have a lot to learn and the resolve to stick with it but again not everybody possesses that ability.


This is a strange phenomenon of the human mind but many are so afraid of failing at something that they are more comfortable with not even trying. Fear of failure can hold back even the most talented and intelligent amongst us and it is certainly no different for people working online.

Marketing on the internet can be very challenging but the financial rewards are worth the effort. The opportunity for anyone to achieve success in business online is a realistic one however many fail to do so. In a way striving for business success on the internet can be a 'gut check' for many as they realize the level of their own self motivation. As these common reasons sited above for people quitting' before' they succeed online illustrates it often can be the obstacles inside of us that keep us from our dreams!

Until then.....

26 December, 2009

Internet Marketing

The Benefits of Internet Marketing in Business

There is no doubt that the internet has changed so many things in our lives. Today, instead of driving to our local department store, we open the computer and shop with our mouse; instead of going to libraries and reading traditional books, we now research and get the information we need through internet.

As the internet brings so much impact to our lives, entrepreneurs have started using it to their advantage. They use it to reach the global market and promote their products and services without spending a fortune for their advertising cost.

If you are someone who is running a brick-and-mortar business, now is the perfect time to take your business online. Although it may take a lot of work and a lot of time, you can be assured that your sales and revenue will increase up to a hundredfold in no time.

Internet marketing is the process of using marketing tools to connect with your prospective buyers who are coming from all points of the globe. This process, when done correctly, can help your promote product awareness and in building stronger business relationship with your target market.

Internet marketing offers other amazing benefits. Some of the followings are:

1. It is very effective. There is no other better way to reach millions of people aside from using the internet as your marketing medium. So, if you take your business in the World Wide Web, there is a better chance that you will be able to meet their needs while you get the kind of sales you want.

2. It is cost effective. Compare to print advertising and other traditional form of advertising, internet marketing is far way cheaper. In fact, you can promote your products and services without spending a single dime.

3. It offers long lasting results. Unlike when doing print advertising where you need to pay for every ad, internet marketing can offer you with long lasting results.

Until then....

25 December, 2009

Dont Assume

Don’t Assume You Have Respect

One very important point – you shouldn’t ever assume anything is a guarantee. Just because you’ve written a best seller, don’t email someone out of the blue and expect them to know who you are. Don’t push a free report, or your blog, or your new book, or access to your course and expect that person to instantly drop everything and check out your work, simply because you think it’s the greatest stuff since sliced bread.

What you need to work on, and really this is something that you can never do too much of, is constantly enhancing your reputation and respect in the market by being the best you can, helping as many people as you can and focus on overdelivering, without having expectations of any other person. It’s a tough rule to live by, but living expectation free means you’re free to focus on what you can control – what you do. This is a lovely mindset to adopt as you are only accountable to yourself (this of course has it’s own risks too) and if you do a good job, good people will come to you.

Until then...

22 December, 2009

Making Money Online

Why Some Affiliates Make Thousands Of Dollars Per Month

Do you want to start earning money on the Internet?

If yes, affiliate marketing is something you should

consider. Before I give you a complete step by step plan

and show you how I make thousands of dollars in

commissions per month.

What is affiliate marketing all about?

An affiliate (also called associate or partner) promotes

other people’s products on the Internet. There is no cost

to get started since affiliate programs are free to join.
What some affiliates make an absolute killing while

others fail?

There are a lot of reasons for this, but one of the most

important is that they have the wrong information and

make things way too complicated.

But this is going to change for you.

Today, I’ll start by explaining the basics, and after

that, I’ll explain every single step more in details. If

you want to make your first commission, I am willing to



Let’s start with the affiliate marketing basics:

Here is how it works:

1. You pick a profitable market

There are thousands of profitable markets on the

Internet. This step is pretty straightforward, but

beginners make it complicated (I know because I struggled

before I find a niche).

Here are some highly lucrative niches that you can copy:

golf clubs, learn Spanish language, Save your marriage,

registry fix, Internet marketing, yeast infection.

These are enough to get you started right away. Don’t

over analyze and just pick one.

2. You find an affiliate product

Let’s say that you chose to make money in the yeast

infection niche, all you need to do is to register to

clickbank.com and choose a yeast infection product.

Tip: Make sure that the gravity is more than 30.

3. Create your money making affiliate website

Your are almost ready to start your affiliate campaign

now. Before you start, you need to create a website to

promote your affiliate links.

A few years ago, it was a bit challenging for beginners

because many of them didn’t have a clue about html. And

even if they had a site, adding links and new pages was

extremely difficult. But today, nothing is easier than

creating a website. Seriously.

Here are two free platforms that will help you to create

your own website (or if you prefer, you can create a

blog) in just minutes.



4. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

To make money on the Internet, you need two things:

1. An offer (product or service)
2. Driving traffic to this offer

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you have

thousands of products that you can promote today. And

even better, you have the ability to know what products

are selling like hotcakes.

There are no secrets.

Traffic generation method are well known. Some require

your time, while others will ask for your cash.

Find a few that work well for me below:

1. Article marketing
2. Blogging
3. Guest blogging on authority blogs
4. Blog comments
5. Press Releases
6. Backlinks
7. Forum marketing
8. Social Bookmarking
9. Videos
10. PPC

With this, you have everything you need to drive at least

4000 potential buyers to your list every single month.

Let’s recap.

To make money online with affiliate marketing, you need a

hungry crowd (a market), an offer, your affiliate links,

and tons of traffic.

Until Next time..
Mansor Othman

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