15 November, 2010

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21 September, 2010

Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Traffic Generation 10 Essential Online Marketing Tools.

1. HTML Editor: You’ll need to create and edit static HTML websites. Including sales pages, landing pages, and lead capture pages. Kompozer is a quality free HTML editor that will help you get started. It’s created by Mozilla, who is also behind the Firefox browser.

2. Smart Auto-Responder: A smart auto-responder will allow you to followup market to your prospects cheaply in comparison to offline followup marketing practices such as direct mail. Using a smart auto-responder, you will be able to contact your own opt-in list of prospects and customers via email. Recommended auto-responder services include GetResponse and iContact.

3. Webhosting and Domain: It’s essential to have your own webhost and dot com domain name. Many people think you can have a real business using free web properties. The problem is you don’t have complete control over these properties because you don’t own them. They can disappear without warning and your business is gone. If you’re a complete beginner, I recommend SiteGround as your webhost and domain registrar. Although they are a few bucks more expensive than others, they provide fast technical support. With other webhosts, you’re on your own, thrown to the sharks.

4. FTP Client: You’ll need what’s called an FTP Client if you want to upload files quickly to your web server with a simple drag and drop. Otherwise you’ll be using something like a File Manager inside CPannel. FTP Clients save you time. Recommended FTP Client includes Filezilla.

5. PDF Creation Software: PDFs are a great way to publish written content, whether free or paid. The types of content include reports and ebooks–and if you’re going to self-publish a physical book, it’s required in PDF form. Open Office Writer is the suggest software for creating PDFs.

6. Audio Recording Software: Another way to harness the marketing power of the info-packed internet is by creating mp3 audio recordings. You can give them away freely in exchange for lead contact information, submit them to podcast directories, and even sell them as information products. Sony Soundforge Audio Studio is recommended software for patching into your computer and recording yourself on a headset. For interviews, Pamela add-on for Skype works well–when you record with a digital connection via Skype, this insures the quality of the recording is high, compared to phone interview recordings.

7. Screen Capture Software: If you want to record powerpoint presentations or anything on your screen and turn it into a free video to give away for contact info, submit to YouTube, or even sell, then I recommend Camtasia. For short videos, I recommend Jing Project. Jing Project is also a useful tool for creating quick videos where you explain to your staff what needs to be accomplished with your internet marketing.

8. HD Flip Cam: As mentioned in the intro, you can create high quality non-screen capture videos for a rock bottom low price. Then you can utilize these videos in the same way as described for the Screen Capture Software. Any HD Flip Cam at your local retail store that patches into your computer will do.

9. USB Headset: To ensure quality of the audio on your mp3s and mp4s, you’ll need to make a digital connection to your computer using a headset with a USB plug. Using anything else, you’ll get a buzzing sound. Grab a cheap headset at Amazon for $25 or less and you’re ready to create media.

10. File Zipper: In case your computer doesn’t come with a file zipper like WinZip, you’ll need to get one. Zipping files allows you to save space on your server when you upload files to your site. Also, many info products and software you order online will come in a zip file, so you’ll need a way to unzip them. Recommended tool in case you don’t have a File Zipper program is FilZip.

01 July, 2010

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27 June, 2010

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24 June, 2010



How Autoresponders Can Make You More Money

First: What is an Autoresponder?

The simple way to explain an Autoresponder is to think of it
as program that automatically responds to email sent to it.

Our Autoresponders not only automatically answers emails sent
but it remembers who sent the email and follows up with them
whenever you tell it to... automatically.

Effective sales people know that the fortune is in the
follow-up. This is why good sales people spend so much
time following up on past clients, making repeat sales
calls, sending postcard reminders, sending out brochures
to the same people, going through their list of contacts
to see who they haven't talked to in a while.

The TrafficWave.net Autoresponder takes care of following
up with your online prospects automatically.

Second: Why do you need an Autoresponder?

Experts tell us that it takes an average of 7 different
contacts to close a sale.

If you are not following up with your prospects on a
regular basis, you are losing sales!

As your list of prospects grows, it becomes more and more
difficult and time consuming to figure out when you last
spoke with which prospect and which information you send them.

In our global economy, business is being conducted 24 hours
a day. It would be impossible for you to personally follow up
24 hours a day.

Your Autoresponder can manage all of your prospects, remember
when it sent your last sales letter, what that letter was
about, and it can do all of this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Imagine being able to completely automate your sales letters.

Imagine being able to build, manage, and profit from your own
online contact list.

Imagine being able to broadcast special offers or announcements.

Imagine being able to remotely update your sales letters any time.

Imagine being able to instantly test ad copy or special offers.

With TrafficWave.net Autoresponders, you can do all of this and

This system runs 24 hours a day... 7 days a week... whether you
are at the office, sleeping, having lunch, or enjoying some free
time with your family. Your Autoresponder never sleeps!

Because you are able to generate more leads and more efficiently
manage your follow up, you will have more time to develop and
test effective ad copy, spend time with family or friends, or
even develop new product lines and marketing approaches!

Here are just a few things you can do with your Autoresponders:

* Automate Sales Letters
* Training Messages
* Promote Business Opportunities
* Publish Your Ezine
* Distribute Product Information
* Build Your Contact List
* Broadcast Special Offers
* Mailing List Manager
* Network Marketing
* Customer Service
* Internal Memos
* And more!

When you use TrafficWave.net's Autoresponder system, you get:

* Unlimited Autoresponders
* Unlimited Campaigns
* Unlimited Sales Letters
* Send HTML or Text Messages
* Track Your Results for Each Letter
* Unlimited Professional Training and Support

Third: How much does the Autoresponder cost?

Right now, we are offering a FREE 30 Day Trial of our
Autoresponder system.

No long-term commitment! Set up your account today absolutely
FREE. Try it for 30 days with zero cost and zero risk. Once you
see how powerful this system is and how easily it can save you
time while increasing your sales, you can select the option to
continue using our system for just $17.95 per month. If you
don't see how this system can help your business, do nothing.
Your account will automatically expire at the end of the 30 day
trial. Keep all the training information as my personal gift.

Thousands of people have used this Autoresponder system to
save time, increase profits, and boost efficiency. You will
have full access to this system free for the next 30 days.

Review the training materials. Use the tools to build your
own sales. See for yourself what thousands of other online
marketers are talking about.

At the end of your 30 day trial, you can simply let the account
go or keep building your list and your profits for just $17.95
per month.

Believe me... the training alone is worth one hundred times the
price of your subscription. When you join TrafficWave.net, you will
have unlimited access to our members area where you will learn:

* How To Win The Search Engine Wars
* How To Turn Leads Into Paying Customers
* Why Some Advertising Works and Some Doesn't
* How To Create (and profit from) Your Own Opt-In List
* Secrets To Autoresponder Success

This is all included with your 30 day free trial along with full
access to all of our powerful promotional tools AND the training
to make it all work for you.

Can you invest the next 30 days to learn how to generate leads
and turn web site visitors into customers?

No matter what you decide at the end of your 30 day trial, you
will absolutely better understand how to use Autoresponders to
increase profits, save time, and boost efficiency. You win!

Fourth: How do you get your own Autoresponder?

We can get you started within the next five minutes. And
remember... you are not paying a dime to get started with this
system! Just point your browser to:


and click on "30 Day Free Trial". Once you complete our brief
enrollment form, you will have full access to our back office
where you can review all of the training, start using your new
Autoresponder along with our other tools, and begin to experience
the power of automated online marketing for yourself.


Yours in success,

Mansor bin Othman

23 April, 2010

Making Decision

When first searching for a work at home or work on the internet business, always check to see if the company has negative feed back. To do this, always Google or either YouTube search the company. An Example of this would be typing the companies name into Google or YouTube and typing either “scam” or “ripoff” behind the name of it.I can guarantee you that you’ll most likely find something about that company be it bad or good.

Look for either 10 negative reports from people about that company before you decide it may not be worth trying. Another good rule of thumb would be to try to e-mail the company with questions you may have. If you do not get a response within a week, odds are this isn’t a legitimate company. If a company is telling you that you can make an obscene amount of money just starting out, it’s not worth your time. No company out there can stay true to such an offer. If they can, then the price to buy the product is far beyond your price means. Always look for either a 30-90 day money back guarantee on programs you try.

To make sure a company is legit and reputable, they should always respond to emails within a week and also should have a customer support number to call. Don’t be afraid to call companies to get information. Most companies out there know that people are unwilling to call and ask questions. Don’t be one of those people. Knowledge is definitely power. You need to know that if you are not understanding their program that you can call and get help whenever you need it. You also need to know that if you decide that company isn’t for you, you can always call and request your money back.

If you notice a company has a monthly fee attached to it. These companies you need to make sure of two things. 1. They pass the google and youtube inspection. 2. They have a contact number and you actually spoke with a Representative. Companies with a monthly membership fee are usually legitimate companies, which is why they continuously charge for the knowledge they are teaching you.

I hope you have found this article helpful.

Best Wishes,


15 April, 2010

Tweet Traffic Rush

You might have noticed that Twitter is the biggest news on
the internet now. With some hundreds of thousands of new
people joining Twitter each day, it is emerging as one of the
largest and fastest growing social networking sites at this time.

As there are millions of people joining up to and logging
into Twitter everyday, Twitter turns out a bigger and better
opportunity to get you loads of targeted traffic to your website.

Though you can access millions of people on Twitter, you will
need to work aptly in reaching out to them correctly. Here is
where Tweet Traffic Rush can help you out.

Tweet Traffic Rush is the easiest, fastest and most efficient
way to get a flood of laser targeted visitors to your site
through Twitter and this is... Absolutely FREE!

With Tweet Traffic Rush, you will be able to use Twitter to
spread your marketing messages virally and work in creating
an Avalanche of FREE Targeted Traffic to Your Website in a
very short time.

And how it works?

All you do is sign up for a free account. Then you will need to
add your twitter username in an appropriate category so as to
get a tiny piece of widget code. And once you add this widget
code to your websites, blogs or social networking sites, you'll
start getting more targeted visitors to your site.

If you are tired of and feel difficulty in spreading your marketing
messages across the net, TweetTrafficRush.com can get you
thousands of visitors to your site on autopilot.

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23 March, 2010

Are you looking to make money with social networking?

1. Offer coaching. You can coach on all different topics and offer a free first session if you want.

2. Sell information products. This is one of the best ways.

3. Promote affiliate products. This can also be very profitable, however you need to promote them via content and not just ads.

4. Share blog posts and other pages that are monetized.

5. Build relationships and then offer people your network marketing opportunity.

6. Promote a membership site.

7. Throw a party or other live event and use social networking to get people to attend.

8. Participate in a joint venture that makes you money.

9. Use social networking to build your list and then market to that list.

10. Offer your products for sale.

11. Run ads on social networks.

12. Run a contest that is also a promotion for your business.

13. Post a link to your website at the bottom of all group or forum posts and notes and then include a sales page or link on that website.

14. Give away a free ebook that offers an upgrade to a paid ebook.

15. Share videos that offer content with an offer to buy something.

16. Be a real person and people will want to do business with you.

17. Offer something unique.

18. Start your own fan page or group and offer unique content as well as items for sale.

19. Use social networking to sell your junk and other stuff and to promote your eBay auctions.

20. Use social networking to do research for new product ideas.

21. Find people you can interview for paid products Just make sure to tell them about the product and how their interview will be used.

22. Search the networks for people who are looking for your product, service or opportunity.


Get to know the best of the best internet programs in the world..

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22 March, 2010

10 mistakes to avoid when choosing a business name:

It is surprising that some entrepreneurs choose a name with little or no indication of what type of work the organization actually does. Including a descriptive word in your business name can be useful when marketing your products or company. This may be made possible if you have identified what differentiates you from competitors.

A good name is something that can be mentioned on radio or over the phone without explanation. For example, which of these is easy to remember, ” Cee Bayjo Systems Company,” and “Loud Media Company”? People will make a quick decision based on their first impression of your business name.

Business names are not “spur of the moment” creations. It is the result of possibly long days and nights of brainstorming, digging the Thesaurus for synonyms and antonyms, interrelated words and words that have some kind of relationship with the proposed business activity.

Once you have chosen a few names, test them out on friends and family, potential clients and everyone you know. Ask them what kind of service they feel you provide and feeling they get about the name. You’ll be surprised at how honestly they give you suggestions. Then you can proceed to check availability at the name registry nearest to you after being convinced it’s best. Don’t waste money on letter heads and complimentary cards trying out a business name already chosen by someone else.

A word’s connotation can be positive, negative or neutral, depending on the emotional associations that people generally make. If you are starting a transport business for instance, you don’t want it to have a weak sounding or negative name, such as “Willow Twig Trucking” or “Kitten Transport”. You want a business name that conveys strength and reliability. A choice such as “Stone Creek Transport” would be much better. Remember: Words are powerful.

It is a common tendency for a business to be named after the original founder. This approach can make customers expect the personal attention and care of the owner. Using your name, followed by the type of service works well if you have an already established reputation in your specialty. But, if you are planning to one day sell your company, a company-owner named business is less attractive.

7. NOT CONSIDERING THE FUTURE. Robert Dilenschneider wrote about a public relations person who broadened her services from just writing to media relations and had to change the name of her business from Miller’s Writing Services to Miller’s Communications. Aside brainstorming for ideas, you need foresight in choosing a name. Even if you are operating a highly-niched product, select names that would represent a broader category of your product line.

If your business activity is almost 100% online or will do better having an online presence, you may need to consider starting your search by getting a suitable domain name for your website first. In the modern world of the internet, where people automatically turn to the web for information, it pays to have a domain name that reflects your site or business.

Be unique. The best you can be trying to be someone else is second best. Avoid being a copycat. Using a name similar or identical to that of another business can get you into problems including legal issues.

10. NOT CONSULTING A BUSINESS NAMING EXPERT. While the services of lawyers, chartered accountants and chartered secretaries can be invaluable in the registration of a business name and company, these categories of professionals might not understand the selling and marketing principles that copywriters can use to your advantage. A good copywriter is always looking for ways to help you communicate more effectively to more people

19 February, 2010

Get Loads of Twitter Traffic to Your Website!

One of the best and most profiting uses of twitter can be communicating with as many people as possible and building up relations. This will help in increasing traffic to the websites of interest. Twitter makes is all very simple and profoundly easy. Twitter is also a big support in self-publicity and marketing.

The use of applications such as Twitter can be rewarding only when a proper traffic is built and an appropriate number of people visit that website. Many different ways have been devised to guide active users and businessmen built traffic for their websites. Some of these methods are discussed below.

Attractive Profile Page

One of the most preferred and favored option is to make the profile eye catching so that more people are attracted. It is also suggested that one should present the link of the website of interest on the profile page. As people will visit the profile page on twitter, the link of website will act as a guide for them. Many people use striking features like pictures of the celebrities, information or gossips related to the celebrities and other attractive backgrounds. This will clearly distinguished ones profile from the rest of the crowd.

Followers with mutual interests

Another clever option to build traffic for any website is to look out for people who share the same interests as you. Tweets related to the websites will guide the followers automatically. One thing to be kept in mind is that the keywords should be chosen very carefully. Choice of words can make a huge difference.

Regular Updates

Nothing is as important as the regular updating of the profile and its applications. People can be very disappointed if they get to see the same material whenever they sign in. This will end up in losing massive amount of traffic.

Interactive approach

Interaction of the twitterer and the visitors is the most important ingredient behind any successful website. The posts and tweets must be responded as soon as possible. Efforts should be made to respond to each and every follower. This will create a friendly and trusting environment and more people will want to come back again.

Take every chance of free promotion

Free promotions can do wonders in terms of attracting the traffic. There are many means which can be employed to take up free promotions. Some of these methods include free classified advertisements, inclusions in various listings and compliance with different directories. All of the ways might not result in good turnout but selection of precise places for the promotion of any website can lead to tons of traffic.

One of the products that can do wonders for helping in getting traffic on any specific website is the Smash Tweet. It is something that can be regarded as a life time investment. The best thing about Smash Tweet is that it is a beautiful combination of all possible features that one can hope for.

07 February, 2010

GDI Explained

The owners of GDI are two men of vision named, Mike Reed and Alan Ezeir.
They are already self-made millionaires, who saw a unique opportunity to exploit
the ever growing demand for Internet presence around the globe. They
searched the world for a marketable domain suffix and found a small country
called West Samoa who owned the rights to domain names ending in dot.ws.
Michael and Alan, then traveled to visit the king of West Samoa, and purchased
the rights to dot.ws domain names. Now dot.ws stands for website or worldsite.
GDI is a solid, debt-free INC. 500 company that is over 7 years old, and very
well respected among the business community. Thousands of dot.ws domain
names have already been sold to major household name companies, prior to
being introduced to the world of network-marketing about two years ago. Now it
is possible for people like you and I, to build a huge permanent, lifelong residual
income, simply by telling others about GDI.

The best part about it is, that you can actually try GDI free for seven days, and
after that the cost is only $10 per month! The value for your $10 is
unsurpassed. Here's what you get; your own personalized dot.ws domain name
(many people simply use their name, then add .ws after it.

You also get, up to 10 email addresses with your domain. Additionally, the
hosting for your domain is included. On top of that, you receive an
autoresponder, as well as a very sophisticated back office, and full company
support. That is a ton of value for only $10! When you consider the value of GDI
and the associated business opportunity, it makes sense to get started right
away. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is right
now. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not here yet, so let's get started."

Until then...

01 February, 2010

A Word of Warning

Every successful professional will tell you that focus and massive action is required to achieve the desired result therefore if you are not dedicated to becoming a passionate entrepreneur you need not read any further.

Words you will NOT hear or see from our Top Performers:

* get rich quick
* easy money
* free make
* $X in 10 days
* work 2 hours earn big bucks
* giveaway
* quick and easy
* and blah, blah, blah……

Words you WILL hear and see from our Top Earners:

* dedication
* willingness
* desire
* motivation
* passion
* focus
* massive action
* budget
* mindset
* leadership
* entrepreneurial spirit
* many more wise inspirational words and ideas………

26 January, 2010

TrafficHoopla Info

Jan 26 Hoopla Rankings Updated

It is Tuesday, January 26, 2010, the Hit Exchange Report is
published, therefore, the Hoopla Rankings are now updated.

All Traffic Hoopla members should login now, see 1st and 2nd Join,
and join & update as it applies.

In addition, Hoopla Pro members may login to view most current and
full testing report. Each testing report includes various
rankings, summaries, and useful info. Use each as your guide for
planning and organizing all your advertising.

There is also a new addition in the Resource list.

If not already, what a great time upgrade to Hoopla Pro. Yes, it
will accelerate your Traffic Hoopla.

Here to help,

Bill Carr, creator & owner

25 January, 2010

Generate Thousands of Hits To Any Website Everyday With This Free Tool

TrafficHoopla is a free online tool designed to get your website without investing a lot of cash.
In no time at all, you will be generating thousands of daily hits, that maybe directed to any website and at anytime.
Tolearn more about how TrafficHoopla can help you build your business, go here now :
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Welcome to Mansor53's GDI Blog

Welcome to Mansor Othman's GDI training and information blog. Glad to see you! On these pages, you will find tips and trick on how to build business online. Check back often for updated.

24 January, 2010

Affiliate Marketing

Many people think that affiliate marketing started sometime after the Internet came into existence. This is wrong. Amway, Avon, Mary Kay – all of these are essentially affiliate programs, but the people who were actually doing the affiliate marketing were called distributors or representatives – and they are still called distributors or representatives to this day.

Affiliate marketing can even entail network marketing. Affiliate marketing is the act of selling a product for a commission. Network marketing also involves selling a product for a commission, but also focuses on bringing other resellers (or affiliate marketers, distributors or representatives) into the program as well. Sometimes, however, affiliate marketing also allows and encourages you to bring other affiliate marketers into the program.

Again, affiliate marketing means different things to different people, but the goal is the same – to make money. Affiliate marketing offers you the opportunity and ability to make money without creating a product of your own.

Until then...

10 January, 2010

Marketing Online using Twitter


Visit: www.twittgeek.com

TwittGeek is a tool you can use to add up to 200 friends a day.

First you sign in to twittgeek using your twitter username & password. What makes this tool so effective is that you can add followers by keywords, meaning if your in a network marketing business you can type that as your keyword and you will only be adding followers that are interested in network marketing etc.

All you do with Twittgeek is add your keyword and click start and you will be able to follow 200 people. The best way to use this tool is to come back to twittgeek daily and follow 200 people. This is a great Free Marketing Technique that will get your twitter account up and running instantly.

So in a nutshell that is how you use twitter to market any business.

Please feel free to follow me on twitter:


06 January, 2010

**Affiliate Marketing: Getting Started**


Getting started in affiliate marketing is
really quite easy, but too often, many
people mistakenly think it's a lot easier
than it actually is. In most cases, the
only thing you need to do to join an
affiliate program is to fill out a form.

That's the easiest part that there is. But
there is still work to be done if you are
to be successful.

The first objective is to find a profitable
market or niche. This can easily be done in
Google or by reading magazines. Let's start
with Google. Do a search for any topic that
interests you.

Interest in what you hope to sell is important,
and later, you will learn why. Make a list of
things that interest you, and do a simple search
in Google for each thing.

Pay close attention to the sponsored ads. This
tells you that money is being spent in this
market. Now, do a little logical thinking. As
a business person, would you spend money on
advertising that is not making you money?
Absolutely not. So, if there are sponsored –
paid - ads for a topic in Google, money is being
spent in this market, which means that there is

The same is true with magazines. Visit your
library and look at the past three issues of
a magazine that relates to your interest. Pay
attention to the ads. Do the same ads keep
appearing? If the answer is yes, this is a
profitable market, and you are ready to move

What about the competition? What about them?
90% of all people who sign up for an affiliate
program will not do anything to market it at
all. Of the 10% that will market the product,
90% of them will do it wrong, and won't make
much money, if they make anything at all.

The competition just decreased in size by leaps
and bounds. Don't worry about the competition.
Concentrate on promoting your affiliate products
and services to the best of your ability – let
the competition worry about you.

Once you've chosen your market, or your niche,
you are almost ready to get started, but there
are several other things that you need to do
before you can call yourself an affiliate marketer.

First, you need to make sure you have the right
tools. Then, you must find the programs, understand
the terms of the programs, and finally understand
how to choose the right programs.

Until then....

To Your Affiliate Success.


02 January, 2010

How to Generate Unlimited Targeted Traffic to Your Website in 15 Minutes

If you have a website, and you have a great product to sell, your main concern is to get your website to the point where you make money from it. How can you make money if your site is not getting any traffic?


It used to be hard to get traffic to your site. You had to spend a ton of money to get your website set up to take the orders, and then another bunch of money to get traffic to your website. You don?t have to do that anymore. Why not? I have a powerful, effective technique that if followed will guarantee your hit counter will exploded, and just in 15 minutes.


I created a 15 minute five-step process that will catapult your hit counter. It will be like looking at your electric meter when you run the air conditioner. The only difference, the counter that is turning is your hit counter. And this means a heavy amount of traffic to your site. And do you know what happens when you get a heavy amount of traffic to your site? If your sales copy is written properly, you will gain a ton of sales. Isn?t that what you want? Isn?t that why you built your website for to begin with?


Why have a non-productive website when it can be making untold amount of money for you. All you need to start it is by getting traffic to your site. And I solved that problem for you as well. Take a look at my super powerful program and you will find your hits skyrocket to the roof, even within 15 minutes.


I know it works because I have a friend who owns three websites. He wasn't?t seeing much traffic to any of them. As such, he wasn't?t making any money. When he tried my super powerful program, not only did his traffic increase to all his websites, but he also started making tons of money. If he can do it so can you.


Don?t waste another day watching your hit counter slowly increase when you can watch your hit counter turn at the speed of light.


My Counter