23 April, 2010

Making Decision

When first searching for a work at home or work on the internet business, always check to see if the company has negative feed back. To do this, always Google or either YouTube search the company. An Example of this would be typing the companies name into Google or YouTube and typing either “scam” or “ripoff” behind the name of it.I can guarantee you that you’ll most likely find something about that company be it bad or good.

Look for either 10 negative reports from people about that company before you decide it may not be worth trying. Another good rule of thumb would be to try to e-mail the company with questions you may have. If you do not get a response within a week, odds are this isn’t a legitimate company. If a company is telling you that you can make an obscene amount of money just starting out, it’s not worth your time. No company out there can stay true to such an offer. If they can, then the price to buy the product is far beyond your price means. Always look for either a 30-90 day money back guarantee on programs you try.

To make sure a company is legit and reputable, they should always respond to emails within a week and also should have a customer support number to call. Don’t be afraid to call companies to get information. Most companies out there know that people are unwilling to call and ask questions. Don’t be one of those people. Knowledge is definitely power. You need to know that if you are not understanding their program that you can call and get help whenever you need it. You also need to know that if you decide that company isn’t for you, you can always call and request your money back.

If you notice a company has a monthly fee attached to it. These companies you need to make sure of two things. 1. They pass the google and youtube inspection. 2. They have a contact number and you actually spoke with a Representative. Companies with a monthly membership fee are usually legitimate companies, which is why they continuously charge for the knowledge they are teaching you.

I hope you have found this article helpful.

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15 April, 2010

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